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ERES' Approach

ERES offers a comprehensive consultation to help identify any gaps and opportunities; a comprehensive report that includes a recommended project plan with timelines and milestones, a cost analysis, and a project schedule. We can also work with you to customize a unique or special project, to fit your needs.  ERES is a "boutique style" solution provider that treats our client's businesses' as if they were our own.  ERES can also act as an extension of your team, with our back office support services.



ERES is a Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) and proven leader in default service risk mitigation, with over 20 years as a prime HUD contractor for asset management, REO QC Inspections, and property preservation .  Our FHA risk mitigation techniques were recognized by the industry as creating a positive paradigm shift in managing FHA risk mitigation.  Our leaders are risk mitigation "thought leaders" , after successfully demonstrating delivering FHA conveyances in less than 20 days, 97% of the time.  Servicers have lost up to $2 billion per year on re-conveyances, administrative offsets and indemnifications.  Give ERES a call, if you want to mitigate this risk, or other risk within your organization.  These techniques not only work for FHA, but for all Investors, including your wholly held portfolio.  ERES' services can deliver a return on your investment!  

ERES' Prior Projects

Prime HUD Contractor: Real Estate Asset Manager (REAM)

1994-1999:  Prime HUD Contractor handling asset management valuations, property preservation and repairs for HUD's entire REO portfolio in the State of WA.

Prime HUD Contractor: Special Property Inspector

2000-2004:  Prime HUD Contractor handling Special Property Inspections in AZ, NV, ID, WA and OR.  This in-depth QC product reviewed assets to ensure HUD's Management & Marketing Contractor was maintaining per HUD's field service management (preservation & protection) and asset management standards.  This was quality oversight over HUD's prime M & M Contractors.

Prime HUD Contractor Consultant: Contract Manager for HUD's Management & Marketing Contractors - BestAssets (BA) and Harrington, Moran & Barksdale (HMBI)

2004-2007:  Consultant/Acting Contract Manager for HUD's Prime Management & Marketing Contractors (BestAssets and Harrington, Moran & Barksdale) helping to ramp up $335M worth of preservation and asset management contracts in WA, OR, ID, AK, SC, NC, MN, WI, SD, ND, IA and NE.  This included the mortgagee compliance, field service management, asset management, property tax, utility and HOA management.  Our President, Denia, managed this contract and had delegated authority to sign deeds on HUD's behalf, as well as being the key personnel on the contracts.

Prime HUD Contract: Review Appraisals, Western Washington

2007-2017:  This was a prime HUD contract to review new FHA loan origination appraisals, shortly after funding.  Richard Burris handled the Project Management.

Consultant - Aspen Grove Solutions: Vice President of Client Solutions (Business Development Role), (Asset Management & Property Preservation Technology Leader)

2013-2014:  This was a business development role handled by our President, Denia Ray.  Aspen is the technology platform used by former clients on the HUD M & M contracts.  ERES assisted with designing FHA workflow for Aspen's newest platform, as well as opened doors to GSE's, HUD and various Tier-1 servicers.

GSA Contract for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) REO Rental Property Management - Single and Multi-Family

1990's:  ERES was a prime contractor for GSA and handled the IRS foreclosures in Pierce County, WA.  This included rental management of single and multi-family assets.

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Our Team


Denia Ray - President & Managing Partner

Richard Burris - Executive Vice President, Partner & Certified Real Estate Appraiser

Richard Burris - Executive Vice President, Partner & Certified Real Estate Appraiser

Denia Ray is a proven executive leader with a collaborative leadership style and an entrepreneurial philosophy who inspires continuous improvement, and a culture of quality within the team, while driving results. She has broad industry knowledge and expertise with the ability to synthesize market and customer insights to drive performance enhancements, bring new solutions to the market, and continuously deliver on a rolling strategic solutions roadmap.  Ms. Ray has been responsible for leveraging global cross-functional teams across companies including legal, risk and compliance and technology groups to ensure delivery of high quality services with adherence to regulatory requirements. She has consistently demonstrated proven results in process improvement, quality, and integrating data and technology solutions within operations to improve efficiency and customer delivery. She is a strategist who helps drive and evolve client and business solutions.  Her diverse industry experience includes end-to-end real estate solutions in the single-family, multi-family and commercial property management and sales space. 


Richard Burris - Executive Vice President, Partner & Certified Real Estate Appraiser

Richard Burris - Executive Vice President, Partner & Certified Real Estate Appraiser

Richard Burris - Executive Vice President, Partner & Certified Real Estate Appraiser

Richard Burris brings over 30 years of industry experience, with an emphasis on real estate appraisals, reviews and property preservation quality control and oversight.  Mike previously held the Roving Governor title for the former National Association of Independent Fee Appraisers (NAIFA) and was the Project Manager on ERES' prime U.S. Dept. of Housing & Urban Development contract for Western WA FHA Review Appraiser.  He has been instrumental in helping ERES surpass client expectations. WA State Certified Real Estate Appraiser #1700660.


Jeff Huffman - Director of PMO

Richard Burris - Executive Vice President, Partner & Certified Real Estate Appraiser

Jeff Huffman - Director of PMO

Jeff is an Influential leader with over 20 years experience in strategic planning and delivery of transformative solutions. Proven track record of building and leading project portfolio management organizations and providing innovative, flexible delivery models, while improving overall efficiency and performance.  While Jeff has experience across multiple industries, he's focused the last eight years helping top mortgage companies deliver their strategic projects to efficiently meeting  and exceed their goals.

*Jeff is available direct, for consulting or as a direct hire, and is being promoted by ERES, at no additional fee.  Please feel free to reach out to Jeff direct at (469)667-5572.  Jeff is in the Dallas - Fort Worth, TX area.